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Grinding Gears: Car Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Grinding Gears: Car Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Gear heads will go geeky for this collection of seriously sick car tattoos.

So, for some reason...everyone is going out and getting car tattoos without us. It's not like we're jealous or anything, ya know, we can handle everyone having all this fast paced fun while we hang in the office and drool over these incredible pieces. Every time we see ink like this, we immediately hear the sounds of cars gearing up to take a drag around the track. The roaring engines, the gleaming metal, the smell of gasoline and burning rubber...yeah, totally not jealous about all these awesome car tattoos. Definitely not.

Here we have a collection of mean machines ready for racing, road trips, or lowriding around. People who get car tattoos obviously get them for a variety of reasons, but we think it all comes down to one simple thing: with car comes freedom. The feeling you get with your hands on the wheel with long roads ahead is like nothing gives you the sense that you're in control, and can go anywhere. The world is yours to discover and see. We hope that those reading this have had the opportunity to be behind the wheel of a sweet sweet vehicle, or at least the experience of sharing special times with friends via the ever marvelous road trip adventure. If not, we've definitely gotta fix that situation...

These car tattoos may vary from muscle cars, or even to Inal Bersekov's incredible homage to someone's dad, it's clear that cars create unforgettable memories. The car, or the moments within the car, can make lasting impressions...just like these bad ass car tattoos. Really, maybe it's just because we're in New York but we have some real bad car hankerings...having a car here is like signing up to live in the Seventh Circle of Hell just for fun. Bad traffic, bad parking, bad drivers....but these car tattoos remind us that having a car can mean having some fun. As long as it's like...two hours out of the city.

But seriously, can you just invite us next time? We like race cars and road trips too! Matching car tattoos anyone? .....anyone? Road trip, maybe?

Written byTattoodo

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