Gross Out Your Parents Forever With Garbage Pail Kids Tattoos

Gross Out Your Parents Forever With Garbage Pail Kids Tattoos

We continue our love for all things ‘80s with a look back at the sickest trading cards ever.

If you happen to be a child of the ‘80s there was but one thing that could possibly tickle the pleasure center of your brain like nothing else – grossing people out, especially your parents. This joyous pastime can trace its roots back to 1985 when Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were unleashed on an unsuspecting world. In honor of the monumental achievements the Garbage Pail Kids amassed in the field of making adults feel disgusted, we’re bringing you some totally sick Garbage Pail Kids tattoos.

Back in the mid ‘80s Cabbage Patch dolls ruled the world – if you were a girl. To us boys, they just took up valuable real estate at KB Toys. Someone needed to set their sights on these abominable dolls and absolutely take the piss out of them. Thankfully the call was answered by an unlikely fellow – Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman, the creator of Maus.

Working as a consultant for the Topps trading card company, Spiegelman hit upon the perfect parody, a series of trading cards featuring grotesque takes on the Cabbage Patch Kids called the Garbage Pail Kids. The idea grew out of his Wacky Packages, a series of humorous trading cards he created for the company in 1967.

The cards were an instant hit with damn near every kid on the block. They went viral before going viral was a thing. A live-action movie was quickly shot and premiered in 1987. A cartoon was made, but never really aired due to parental complaint. The cards were quickly banned from schools and Topps was predictably sued by the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids.

The cards were admittedly a flash in the pan fad. By 1988, Topps ceased production. But so strong was the legacy of the Garbage Pail Kids that in 2003 Topps reintroduced the series due to popular demand. Their legacy was also strong enough to bring some incredible Garbage Pail Kids tattoos into reality. Just sit back and check em out and think about how disgusted your parents would be at the sight of them.

These Garbage Pail Kids tattoos make us yearn for the simpler days of the 1980s, even though none of us were getting laid. There was better stuff to do back then, like pissing off our parents and teachers with gross trading cards.

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