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Grow & Flourish With Me Forever: Plant Tattoos

Grow & Flourish With Me Forever: Plant Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Who doesn't love a lil nature here and there? These plant tattoos are like carrying the natural world with you wherever you go!

What is it that calls us to the natural world? For some of us it may be that city living, being surrounded by concrete all the time, gets to be mundane and the forest is a respite from the grind of the rat race. For others it may be where we find solace no matter where we live, or what we're doing. For others it may be a deep sense of belonging...a return to what is authentically a deep part of our souls. Maybe it's all of these things. Maybe this has nothing to do with why people get plant tattoos...

But then why do people get plant tattoos? Maybe it's just like...they look cool, and they're different than the norm, you know? People thing tattoos have to be hardcore and brutal all the time, but ya know what? Sometimes a good ol sweet looking crawling ivy branch or lotus flower is where it is at. Suppose it just has to do with your aesthetic, but even matter your style, plant tattoos are easily adaptable to all types of tattooing and all types of tastes. Just check our Alex Zampirri's rose tattoo. It's pretty straight forward traditional, but with a slight illustrative approach. It's beautiful without being too dainty.

Even surrealism can get play...just check out Tattooist Dahh's piece of fig plant being watered. It's imaginative and full of heart, with a twist of fantasy. These plant tattoos hopefully give you a great overall view of what's available...what you can do with just a simple idea like 'plant tattoo'. Many artists will say that they get tired of doing the same thing over and if you give them a simple directive, an overall idea, and then just let them go for it...usually they'll come up with something really freakin cool just for you.

Written byTattoodo

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