Gruesome And Awesome Dark Tattoos By Brandon Herrera

Gruesome And Awesome Dark Tattoos By Brandon Herrera

The genre of dark imagery has always been impressive! These works by Brandon Herrera just might make you remember how awesome this style is!

Dark imagery in tattooing has been popularized by talented tattoo artists such as Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell and H.R. Giger. The next generation is definitely stepping up, too. Check out these works by Brandon Herrera!

Brandon Herrera is an artist from Greensboro, North Carolina. Herrera's fascination for dark imagery is brought to life in his tattoo style His tattoos shy away from conventional tattooing as he uses different imagery versus the classic tattoo images. His dark and gruesome (yet awesome) tattoo style is a reminder to everyone that this genre of tattooing is very much alive!

All photos and tattoos from Brandon Herrera. Follow him on Instagram.

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