Gruesomely Good Body Art by Marit Isachsen

Gruesomely Good Body Art by Marit Isachsen

Makeup that will boggle your mind!

Marit Isachsen has a talent for transforming herself with nothing but make up and body paint. 

Instagram is filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful art forms, from tattooing, scarification, photography and painting, to some truly talented make up artists- one of them being Norwegian Marit Isachsen. Not only is her page filled with awesome photography but she's pretty talented with a make up brush, too. Whether she's transforming her head into a skull or even decapitating herself, Isachsen certainly lets her talent shine and it may just mess with your mind; or at least your perception... 

Proving just how awesome make up and body art can be together, Isachsen is killing it. Get pumped for Halloween with her awesome makeup skills!

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Images from Isachsen's Instagram.

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