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Grumpy Cat Tattoos: I Am Now In Heaven. I Hate It.

Grumpy Cat Tattoos: I Am Now In Heaven. I Hate It.

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On May 14th Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, passed away leaving behind mourning friends, family, and tons of Grumpy Cat tattoos.

Memes hit the internet not ten minutes after the news broke on Twitter that beloved internet sensation Grumpy Cat had passed away due to complications arising from a urinary tract infection. Many of the clever images spouted sayings such as "This is heaven? I hate it." And to be honest...we hate it too. Since many of us at Tattoodo have lost pets ourselves, we know exactly what kind of heart breaking event this is and our thoughts are with the kitties most devoted friends, family and fans. What is so awesome is that this sulky lil fur baby will live on through many a Grumpy Cat tattoo...a pet portrait powered by internet fandom!

It's the same for Gudetama...the charm behind Tardar Sauce's many portraits bedecked with funny quips and cutting remarks, is that at one point or another, we've all felt what Grumpy Cat spouts. He's been photoshopped with birthday crowns, black metal corpse paint, in the Sound of Music mountain meadows...but that sour little grimace always stays put. Misery loves company, and ya know what? That's not so bad. Studies show that things like dark humor memes and sad symphonies of sound actually make us feel less awful when we're feeling down because subconsciously we recognize that people out there know how we feel. Kind of sweet in a sad way...but that's the thing. Sometimes, unfortunately due to societal expectations, niceties, and more, we can't always say exactly how we feel or be as rude as we want. Thankfully, we have Grumpy Cat tattoos and memes for that!

The internet estimates Grumpy Cat's worth at $100 million...and it's no surprise, really, considering the insane amount of events, advertisements, and merchandise the fuzzy little face has spawned. In an article dedicated in farewell to the fond feline, The New York Times stated, "Her likeness appeared on nearly 900 items in an official shop, she made a television advertisement for “Honey Nut Cheerios,” and she became the official “spokescat” of Friskies, a cat food brand. The cat starred in a Lifetime Christmas movie, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever,” she was on the cover of New York Magazine, and her book hit No. 7 on The New York Times’s advice, how-to and miscellaneous best-seller list."

We wonder if among that list of appearances there may have been a Grumpy Cat tattoo on her owner Tabatha? We'll reach out and let you know...certainly, if she doesn't have one now, she should definitely get one...coping with the passing of a pet is often celebrated with beautiful memorial ink. More than a couple of us here at Tattoodo have done the same, and the experience is always really cathartic. "Not only in my heart, but on my skin, will I carry you everywhere." Sometimes pet portrait tattoos can help you heal.

The famed cat will not only live on in Grumpy Cat tattoos, but apparently artificial intelligence as well! Since her emergence in 2012 within a Reddit post, thousands of Grumpy Cat images have infiltrated the internet. "These days, searching Google for "Grumpy Cat" returns nearly 73 million results, many of which are photos...Images spread across the internet are often collected by researchers and used to train artificial intelligence algorithms to do tasks like recognize people or animals in images, or even learn how to generate wholly new images of people or animals." So, now, it seems that AI's who are tasked with creating cats are creating cats that look a whole lot like Grumpy Cat. Pretty crazy, right?

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