Guests at Margot Robbie's Wedding Walk Away With Commemorative Ink

Guests at Margot Robbie's Wedding Walk Away With Commemorative Ink

The "Suicide Squad" star broke our her trusty tattoo machine to make sure that nobody forgot about her nuptials.

Everybody wants to remember their wedding day until the day they die. Why else would people spend so many thousands of dollars on photographs and videos detailing all of the festivities? But do you really need to remember a friend's wedding forever, even if that friend is the gorgeous actress Margot Robbie? Well, too bad. Thanks to the tattoos Robbie gave some of the attendees, they have no choice but to remember the day forever. Or at least until they invest in a cover up, which we imagine to be the equivalent of the happy couple returning two of the three slow-cookers they were sure to receive. 

Robbie and her now husband Tom Ackerley managed to keep the news of their nuptials under wraps. Pulling off a secret wedding is difficult enough, but imagine trying to do it while under the public eye. Of course, within hours of their celebration coming to a close photos surfaced on social media. This is how the public learned that Robbie was back behind the tattoo machine once again as she inked permanent reminders of the day on Ackerley and some other lucky guests. 

A good shot of Ackerley's ink has yet to surface on social media, but we do know that the other guests were given tiny tattoos depicting the Roman numeral "XIX." The tattoo is clearly a reference to the December 19th wedding date. This gives guests an opportunity to make up their own reason for having the tattoo in case they don't want to tell the real story, perhaps the ink is a tribute to San Diego Padre great Tony Gwynn

This is far from the first time that Robbie has picked up a tattoo machine and gone to work on her friends. While filming Suicide Squad, the Australian actress seemed to take on the persona of the tattooed Harley Quinn by giving tattoos to many of her co-stars. Now, just because she was using a tattoo machine please don't be mistaken into thinking that Robbie is a tattoo artist by any stretch of the imagination. While we applaud Robbie for being so eager to create her own tattoos, we highly recommend that she get an apprenticeship, or at least practice a bit on some fruit of Pound of Flesh limbs before subjecting her friends to more of her amateur ink. 

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How cool would it be if a noted actress like Robbie started moonlighting as a tattoo artist? It takes a lot of work and dedication to become a true artist, but there is a hell of a lot of time to kill when sitting around a movie set. So, Margot, step you your tattoo game and start making some impressive work. People are already going gaga for the tiny "SKWAD" and "XIX" pieces you have done, it's time you really wow us with a mandala or a tiny portrait. 

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