HAIL, CORPORATE: Dunking Ink For Dunkin’ Donuts Tattoos

HAIL, CORPORATE: Dunking Ink For Dunkin’ Donuts Tattoos

Hot or iced, black or with cream — glorifying Dunkin’ Donuts in tattoos.

What makes this country so great? Is it our freedom and liberty? Is it that we are truly a melting pot of hundreds of cultures from all over the world? Could it be that everyone has a chance at the American dream? No! It’s cheap delicious coffee, seemingly available on every block, peddled directly into our gullets by the wise, benevolent corporate overlords at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is superior to all other choices, due in large part to it’s low price and high availability. We think they also make some sort of pastries too. It comes as no surprise that there are some Dunkin’ fanatics out there who have taken the leap and permanently adorned their body with loving tributes to the one singular thing that makes America great. What better way to show the love than with a tattoo of a cup of joe on your arm, piping hot for all eternity?

Let’s take a peek at some wicked Dunkin’ Donuts tattoos from around the country. Feel free to first take a minute to run down the street to grab a fresh cup from Dunkin’. We know you want it.

Let’s face it, America runs on Dunkin’. You could make the argument that
America runs on exploiting the labors of the lower classes at home and
abroad, but we’re not buying it. It’s that sweet, delicious brown
liquid, piping hot and made your way. Hail, Dunkin!

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