HAIL, CORPORATE: Livin' Mas with Taco Bell Tattoos

HAIL, CORPORATE: Livin' Mas with Taco Bell Tattoos

Celebrating the soft shell, the hard shell, the joy of Taco Bell through tattoos.

HAIL, CORPORATE is Tattoodo's take on the ways we humans double-down on our capitalist instincts by honoring brands through body art. This week, we're admiring a classic — Taco Bell. Live Mas!

Imagine yourself stuck in a van with your friends, driving across the country to remote destinations for the purpose of living out the dream that is going on tour. You all slept, for not nearly long enough, on a stiff hardwood floor the night prior. Spirits are low and so are your funds. Then, suddenly, you spy it! There, on a road sign are the words you’ve been waiting all day to see, the only thing that’s going to put you in a good mood — “Taco Bell Next Exit."

It’s not easy being vegetarian when faced with the choice of what cheap and easy meal to shove in my face. Thankfully, Taco Bell has an insanely hackable menu. There is seemingly no end to what can be done with their vegan and vegetarian ingredients! Indeed, by some metrics, Taco Bell is the healthiest fast food option available today. And while I constantly gripe about brand loyalty and our evil corporate overlords, I will happily disregard all of my values for a chance to get a delicious quesorito with black beans substituted into it instead of beef.

What better way to celebrate this paragon of healthy living than with some permanent ink?  A Taco Bell tattoo is the ultimate showing of devotion to this delicious mecca. Truly, it is a level of love between man and fast food that few could ever understand. But it is a level of maniacal love that can explain why you would have a couple fire sauce packets tattooed on your arm so they would always be up your sleeve. I only hope that the future foretold of by the movie Demolition Man comes to fruition soon, and Taco Bell is the only restaurant.

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