Hair Dryers Blow, But These Hair Dryer Tattoos Don’t

Hair Dryers Blow, But These Hair Dryer Tattoos Don’t

Taking a look at tattoos of our last line of defense against wet hair

Wet hair can be one of the most uncomfortable sensations known to mankind. The feeling of ecstasy brought upon by a nice hot shower can be ruined as soon as you step out of the shower and have to deal with having a head full of cold, wet hair. Sure, you could towel off or just suffer until your hair naturally dries, but whom among us has time for that bullshit? Thankfully, the genius of human invention has bestowed upon us a great solution to this problem – the hair dryer. And it is in celebration of this technological marvel that we’re cranking up the heat with some awesome hair dryer tattoos.

What the fuck did people even do before the advent of the hair dryer? The first hair dryer didn’t come onto the scene until 1890 when French stylist Alexander Godefroy fashioned a crude model for his salon. This prototype hair dryer consisted of a bonnet attached to the chimney pipe of a gas stove. Even though it lacked portability, it was a huge step in the direction of ridding the world of wet hair.

The first portable hair dryer made its appearance around 1915. These devices were problematic, weighing in at over two pounds and having a maximum output of 100 watts, which compared to today’s 2000 watt dryers one can only assume took 20 times longer to dry hair than what we are used to today. These models were also prone to overheating and electrocution.

Thankfully, as the years went on, blow dryer design improved greatly and we are now living in a period of peak hair drying efficiency. Some of us will even go to fancy lengths to dry our hair, such as visiting a dry bar because paying someone money to do something simple for you is always better. Millions of us appreciate this convenience, some way more than others.  This is evident in the fact that there are way more tattoos of hair dryers than you would think. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest hair dryer tattoos on the planet for your viewing pleasure, because we hate wet hair but love you.

Isn’t it wacky the sorts of things people love enough to get tattoos of? These hair dryer tattoos are a monumental testament to that. Join us next time, when we’ll surely have another batch of tattoos of things you wouldn’t think there would be so many tattoos of.

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