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Halloween Inspo with FX Makeup Artist Emily Anderson

Halloween Inspo with FX Makeup Artist Emily Anderson

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Outstanding Halloween Makeup That Will Make You Run Away Screaming

Makeup artists will always and forever continue to amaze us. We say it quite often, but we really do mean it. It takes a tremendous amount of talent to not only camouflage one’s face, but to create an entirely new character on top of it. There are a number of artists that are true kings and queens of special effects makeup, and each one of them is wildly impressive, but Emily Anderson’s make up honestly makes us want to run away screaming (in the best way possible).

A tv and film makeup artist by trade, Anderson’s work is absolutely horrifying. Where most makeup artists’ horror work is really cool albeit slightly creepy, Anderson’s is absolutely fucking terrifying. Creating both characters, animals, and reinventing classic horror monsters, her work is ghastly. At times it’s really quite difficult to decipher where Anderson ends and her artwork begins, in fact, in some it’s virtually undetectable. Painting razor sharp teeth, arteries and veins, and even grotesquely realistic rotting corpses, Anderson’s work is phenomenal. I mean, we wouldn’t want to run into her on a dimly lit street, but nevertheless, phenomenal!

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Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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