Hand Poked Gum Tattoos That Will Either Gag You Or Amuse You

Hand Poked Gum Tattoos That Will Either Gag You Or Amuse You

Prepare to either gag or gush over these minimalist hand poked gum tattoos that prove there's nearly nothing you can't tattoo anymore.

Seriously though, what can't you tattoo now on your body? Let me see, you can tattoo your face, your lips, your tongue, your eyes, your nipples, your dong, and a few other unimaginable places. Now we've got gum tattoos to once again gag and amuse you. 

Gum tattoos are nothing new, though. Women from West African countries like Senegal have been tattooing their gums black for the sake of beauty for years.

All of the gum tattoos you'll see here are hand poked by tattoo artists Blame Max and Indy Voet. After all, tattooing with a machine in such vulnerable places would be quite difficult. While designs are kept as minimalistic as possible the gum being such a small space to work on, it doesn't fade as easily as lip and tongue tattoos — given that you have a decent tattoo artist to work on it, of course.

For more works by Indy Voet and other hand poke tattoo artists, there's more here:

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