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Handpoked Perfection - Flawless Dotwork Mandalas by Lydia Amor

Handpoked Perfection - Flawless Dotwork Mandalas by Lydia Amor

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Let me introduce you to Lydia Amor, a skilled handpoke tattooist based in the UK.

Do you love dotwork mandalas? Then you're going to l-o-v-e Leicester-based artist Lydia Amor, who creates imaginative pattern-work designs that are completely unique. 

Lydia uses a variety of dot saturation levels to create different shades of black. These mandala tattoos, despite being created with just black ink and a small handmade tool, are in fact detailed, layered, original and just damn-well perfect.

It's not just about floral symmetry, of course. Lydia's single line and blackwork tattoos make an equally artistic statement.

Lydia blogs about her experiences as an up-and-coming handpoke tattoo artist - read her blog and explore more of her work online.

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