Handpoked Perfection - Flawless Dotwork Mandalas by Lydia Amor

Handpoked Perfection - Flawless Dotwork Mandalas by Lydia Amor

Let me introduce you to Lydia Amor, a skilled handpoke tattooist based in the UK.

Do you love dotwork mandalas? Then you're going to l-o-v-e Leicester-based artist Lydia Amor, who creates imaginative pattern-work designs that are completely unique. 

This talented lady is just coming up to her first year of tattooing. Couldn't believe it right? You'd think she'd been creating these intricate mandalas for much longer. Lydia is a handpoke artist, meaning she uses 'handmade' tools, rather than a tattoo machine (and electricity) to push ink into the skin. I've been tattooed by her before - it's a much calmer procedure, she has a soft hand and a beautiful personality to match.

Lydia uses a variety of dot saturation levels to create different shades of black. These mandala tattoos, despite being created with just black ink and a small handmade tool, are in fact detailed, layered, original and just damn-well perfect.

It's not just about floral symmetry, of course. Lydia's single line and blackwork tattoos make an equally artistic statement.

If you're into mandalas, you will definitely like the Mystifying Mandalas by Manuel Zellkern.

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Lydia blogs about her experiences as an up-and-coming handpoke tattoo artist - read her blog and explore more of her work online.

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