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Hannah Nova Dudley's Minimalist Illustrative Blackwork

Hannah Nova Dudley's Minimalist Illustrative Blackwork

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This month I'm sharing work by the exceptional artists at Seventh Day Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you enjoy illustrative blackwork tattoos that are on the softer side of things, then you'll likely fall in love with Hannah Nova Dudley's work. She makes extremely fine-lined and lightly stippled minimalist tattoos that have an almost magical quality to them. Her compositions are at once delicate and impactful, residing on the body with a feminine poise and subtle complexity.  

"I was lucky enough to be taken under Rob Domberelli’s wing at Frontline studio and shown the ropes," writes Dudley on Seventh Day Tattoo's website. "My second tattoo I did was a dotwork skull which got a lot of attention on social media and brought me to developing my own stipples style." Since embarking on refining her own version on blackwork, she's embraced techniques like pointillism and crosshatching along the way, inventing a graceful aesthetic along the way.

Dudley uses her style to create all sorts of iconography, ranging from common motifs like delicate flowers and adorable pet portraits. Some of her most thought-provoking compositions, however, are the stranger ones. She makes rather unusual imagery in her soft and airy approach to blackwork that has powerful emotional undercurrents. It's difficult to put a finger on what something like a brain raining on a girl holding a umbrella means, but it has a palatable and almost overwhelming feeling of melancholy to it. 

To see more graceful blackwork by Dudley, make sure to follow her on Instagram. If you want your own fine-lined fern or stippled portrait of a pug, she works at Seventh Day Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand and can be contacted with enquiries at

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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