Happy 311 Day, Bros! Get Down With Some Sick 311 Tattoos

Happy 311 Day, Bros! Get Down With Some Sick 311 Tattoos

Amber is the color of your energy when you come original with a 311 tattoo.

There are no shortage of great bands throughout time that have attracted a cult following that is all their own. 311 is one such band. Their hardcore fanatics have cemented 311’s legacy as one of the most financially successful bands of the modern day, as they pull in over $100,000 per gig. These dudes are also marketing geniuses, as 311 has their own branded cannabis vapor pen — The Grassroots Uplifter.

Hold on. I know what you’re saying. 311, the Omaha-bred rap/rock fusion band makes over a tenth of a million dollars per show? How can this be?

The answer is right here in this Youtube video for their 1997 hit “Beautiful Disaster.” Just listen to it. Get high first if you have to. I’ll wait.

Do you hear that? That infectious groove? The hard-edged guitar sounds? How can a song exist in such duality? It’s chock full of mellow, chill vibes but is also just so in-your-face. It’s truly a yin-yang of reggae rock written by our generation’s Mozarts.

311 is the only band I can think of to have their own holiday, celebrated by their fans worldwide annually on March 11th. They are also one of the few bands in the world whom have their own fucking cruise. And you know what we always say here at Tattoodo – “If people like something enough to go on a branded cruise about it, they like it enough to get some sweet tattoos of it.”  Let’s take a look at some hardcore 311 pieces on some hardcore 311 fans

Author’s note: if anyone on 311’s management team or in Hollywood would like to discuss buying my screenplay From Chaos which explores what happens when terrorists hijack the 311 cruise and it’s up to the band to save the day, hit me up!

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