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Happy Hands Holding: Tattoos of Hands

Happy Hands Holding: Tattoos of Hands

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

These tattoos of hands show how versatile a simple and iconic tattoo design can be! Tattooed hands, praying hands, and more!

One of the most iconic designs in Traditional tattooing is the delicate and graceful depiction of a hand. Often tattoos of hands are holding love letters, or perhaps a flower. Sometimes they'll even be holding the hand of their lover. They can be super sweet and romantic, or really freakin' cool, but, no matter what, these old school designs can be really versatile and unique! Just as real deal hands can do incredible things, they can also inspire incredible things...

This is possibly why certain pieces are iconic: they stand out, they're a good idea, but they're also versatile. Just like a simple Traditional rose. It's a staple design of any good tattoo studio, because there are so many different things you can do to a rose to make it unique. Just take a look at this collection...Tine DeFiore's tattoo of hands are repping Los Angeles, Roberto Euan's is an homage to Hey Arnold, and Mick Gore's hands are obviously praying to the god of mechanics or something! It's so fun to merge tattoos with the stuff you love....whether that be the place you were born, the television shows you like to watch, or even the things you do that make life worth living. You may think these are just simple images of hands...but they're actually a way of showing the world everything that you really really hold close to your heart.

We also realized while putting this together that a lot of these tattoos of hands have tattoos too! This may actually be a really cool way to brainstorm ideas for a hand tattoo without actually getting a hand tattoo....instead, just get a tattoo of a hand doing whatever you want (knitting, slicing ham, petting cats, flipping the bird...whatever...) and then tattoo that hand with something cool! There is no limit to what fantastic things you could possibly have done.

Part of that is finding the right artist though...there are so many tattoo artists these days that you may think it's difficult to choose, but don't just jump at the first artist you find! Make sure you find a perfect fit for your ideas. Find a tattooist whose style or aesthetic you really love, and then hit them up! You can even use the Tattoodo App to find a good tattoo artist who is talented enough to pull off a really unique and special piece just for you. These tattoo ideas are just a starting point...once you take a simple idea, like a tattoo of a hand, and then blend that with something else you really enjoy, you'll have a perfectly personalized tattoo!! It's such a great way to go!

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