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Hardcore About Hot Dog Tattoos

Hardcore About Hot Dog Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

This phallic food shows up as some pretty weird and wacky tattoos

It’s summer, and we’re hungry. We want to give you all the full, summertime experience, so we’ve been going through all things summer so we can enjoy this heat together. In doing so, we found so many hot dog tattoos, we can’t even fit them all into one post — we’ll instead throw some hot dog facts at you.

3. No one knows the exact origin of the hot dog, thus the jokes about what’s in it.

So carry on with your freaky, hot dog loving selves, now that you’ve learned some real facts. Get a dachshund sausage tattoo right on next to a sweet BBQ tattoo, and you’ve really made your summer real.

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