Hardcore Nerd Jumps the Duck Hunt Gun

Hardcore Nerd Jumps the Duck Hunt Gun

A gamer got a tattoo of the Nintendo Switch logo, and the console isn't even out yet.

The buzz surrounding the Nintendo Switch (NS) is growing more fervid every day as time edges closer to its upcoming release at the beginning of March. Nothing signifies this insane hype more than the fact that a Reddit user who goes by Scwinsett recently got the new game console’s logo tattooed on his arm. Given the companies long seesaw history of both huge successes and total failures in terms of controller design, the decision to get the insignia tattooed on his body is a questionable one, especially since some pre-release reviews haven’t been kind to the NS’s detachable and rather unwieldy handheld components.

Before going into the pros and cons of Scwinsett’s NS-inspired body art, let us just reflect on Nintendo’s long history of contrived controllers. First, there was the good old NES model, which set so many of us button-mashers on a path to early arthritis and carpal tunnel with its simple A-B button layout and cross-shaped D-pad. 

Then the SNES controller blew our minds with its additional X and Y buttons as well as L and R triggers. When the N64 hit, we didn’t know what the fuck to do with that ill-conceived monstrosity, but we played a shit ton of Golden Eye with the clunky bastard anyways. 

The GameCube controller might be one of the best designs to have ever graced the gaming industry, but then Nintendo went and gave us the joystick on a stick for the Wii, which brings us to where we are now, waiting in anticipation for the company’s next zany design and, of course, Schwinsett’s newfound body art.

The comment thread that followed in the wake of Scwinsett posting an image of his new tattoo is full of support from fellow nerds as well as the vitriol of haters. Regardless of the trollish remarks, he’s comfortable with his decision and even put a fair amount of forethought into the tattoo. “It’s actually the first in a series of Nintendo logos I'm doing so it's more about Nintendo's history than it is about the Switch in particular," he says. "Even if the Switch is a total stupid piece of shit, I still love Nintendo, and it's still part of Nintendo's history. Also we intentionally only used red so that we could easily cover it up later with something else.” 

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So it seems Scwinsett’s not naive to the fact that the NS might simply suck after all. An experienced gamer but novice to tattoos, he seems to think that he can simply hit the reset button. Here's to hoping he doesn't have too. Otherwise, GG.

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