Harry Potter: 10 Ghostly Thestral Tattoos

Harry Potter: 10 Ghostly Thestral Tattoos

A creepy Harry Potter tattoo is a great way to get ready for Halloween!

Of all the creatures and beasts the wizarding world has to offer the Thestral has to be one of the most intriguing. 

A winged horse with a skeletal body and reptilian like face, the thestral makes for some interesting viewing- that is if you can see it!! As described by Luna Lovegood thestral's "can only be seen by people who've seen death", so unless you've come face to face with the reaper you won't being seeing any a thestral anytime soon. Seen as an omen of death and misfortune thestral's are a rare breed, both in literature and ink! 

Thestral tattoos sit on the darker side of Harry Potter tattoos and are a design only the most dedicated Potter fans would probably think to get, although a skeletal horse is always a rad idea! Whether in color or blackwork thestral tattoos have to be some of the coolest Harry Potter tattoos out there, thankfully you don't have to look death in the eye to see these cool thestral tattoos. 

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