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Harry Potter's Curious Oddities: Magical Tattoos by Jessica White

Harry Potter's Curious Oddities: Magical Tattoos by Jessica White

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Sacramento-based tattoo artist celebrates the magic of Harry Potter with neo traditional tattoos of whimsical elements from the series.

The queen of Twitter and contemporary young adult literature, Joanne “Jo” Rowling is going strong at 51 as she recently celebrated her birthday and yet another year of magical success as the Harry Potter series expanded with Cursed Child. Nine years after The Deathly Hallows, the Harry Potter fandom is going just as strong — courtesy of the fans who have kept the magic alive within their hearts, and sometimes, their skin.

Jessica Ann White, a tattoo artist from Sacramento, California, specifically creates whimsical Harry Potter-inspired tattoos. No, not the typical HP tattoos of Hermoine's face or Harry's thunderbolt scar. Jessica likes to tattoo underrated Harry Potter-inspired designs like brooms, swords, Dumbledore's deluminator, sneakoscopes, and golden snitches. She does it all in a nice neo traditional style.

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Can't get enough of the magic? Here's another spectacular Harry Potter artist:

See the rest of Jessica's works here.

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