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Haunting Surrealism by Jak Connolly

Haunting Surrealism by Jak Connolly

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Realistic black and grey tattoos straight out of the uncanny valley.

Jak Connolly excels at black and grey realism. His tattoos are not only lifelike though; they have a very surreal aesthetic to them that is as breathtaking as it is sublime. He seamlessly melds together both beautiful and alienating imagery to create body art that is both captivating and mind-blowing at the same time. Have a look at this sample of his uncanny masterpieces that have the power to make reality seem a little stranger than it already is. 

Connolly's portfolio demonstrates a balanced range of soft and dense black and grey work. While most artists tend to lean one way or the other, he employs both approaches to this style of tattooing in order to create very dynamic imagery. In fact, it is this variation of light and heavy shading is what allows him to combine his figures so smoothly and create the surreal effect that makes his body art so profound. Notice how he blurs the owl eyes, wolf's head, and lady's face in the piece above. As it is with all of his illustrations, the transition between the objects in his image systems blended to the point where you can't definitively tell where one begins and another ends. 

There are a several motifs from Connolly's portfolio that stand out, the foremost of which are illustrations of beautiful women's faces. He often fuses these gorgeous ladies with other unsettling imagery to create a fascinating mixture of beauty and horror. Sometimes he makes their visages bleed into strikingly realistic cityscapes and skylines, too. Aside from these pieces, he has a penchant for rendering skulls and wolves as well, sometimes blending them together or with other scenery like landscapes of forests.

An incredible spider woman tattoo by Jak Connolly (IG—jakconnollyart). #blackandgrey #JakConnolly #lady #realism #spider #surrealism

If you want to be unsettled by more of Connolly's astounding black and grey surrealism, make sure to take a trip on over to his Instagram. Should you want your own uncanny piece by him, he works in both Bournemouth and Manchester, England and can be reached for booking at

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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