Hauntingly Beautiful Black Tattoos by Ilja Hummel

Hauntingly Beautiful Black Tattoos by Ilja Hummel

These illustrative black ink tattoos are as dark as they are exquisite.

If you enjoy illustrative black tattoos, then Ilja Hummel is your man. Not only is his work incredibly refined, but it also frequently connotes deep meaning through some of its referential figures. Check out this awesome array of inky and beautiful tattoos by him, featuring critters, literary figures, surreal objects, and skulls.

Hummel's illustrations of animals look wonderful in this style. We also adore how allusive his work is. His ravens even seem to caw out "Nevermore," just the way Poe would have liked. His more surreal tattoos, like the mirrored eye and candlelit lantern, are equally astounding as well as mystifying.

Some of our favorite tattoos from Hummel's corpus are his elegant skulls. Whether heavily shaded or crosshatched, each one of these skeletal illustrations have an eerie gothic air to them. It's also quite charming how he adorns them with flora and creatures like the crow above. The one in Victorian garb reminds us of William Faulkner's short story "A Rose For Emily," in which a wealthy woman's decayed corpse is found laying next to that of her lover's after townsfolk notice a rancid odor from her house.

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Is this lady skeleton by Ilja Hummel (IG— iljahummel) is straight out of William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily." #black #illustrative #IljaHummel #ladyhead #skull #victorian

We hope you enjoyed perusing Hummel's dark yet breathtaking tattoos. If you want to see more of his portfolio, check it out on Instagram. He will be working at Blaube Libe Hoffnung Tattoo in Germany at the beginning of next year, so reach out to him at ilja@glaubeliebehoffnung.com if you want to schedule a session.

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