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Heart Tattoos: An Emblem of Love

Heart Tattoos: An Emblem of Love

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These heart tattoos speak of many things: heartbreak, devotion, love and more...but what do they make you think of?

Love is a many splendored's complicated, messy, passionate, overwhelming, life affirming, heart's pretty much one of those things that literally takes hold of your brain, heart, and soul, and won't release you. Ever. Sometimes some of us wish that we were robots so that we didn't have to deal with the whole obnoxious thing...while others live in a sparkly romantic dream of lust and adoration. Regardless of where on the spectrum you fall, we hope you enjoy this sweet collection of heart tattoos. Heart tattoos are basically the emblem of love; there isn't really anything that sparks such ideas of tender embraces and emotions.

There are many theories of love. Again, some of these heart tattoos may say to some people, "love is just a chemical reaction in the brain" while others will be gushing with romance and happily ever afters. Thankfully, there are a bunch of psychologists, sociologists, and more, who have put their efforts into explaining this human affectation. Perhaps one of the coolest things about love is that it never runs out. As Psychology Today points out, "Loving one person, even a lot, does not mean you have less to give to others. In fact, the opposite is true: Love is a capacity you can build within yourself through mental concentration, emotional engagement, and caring actions." Pretty sweet, huh?

So perhaps these heart tattoos are reminders of lost love, the ability to love, or newly found love...maybe they're love for a mother, father, daughter, sister or friend...maybe even for a pet, or a nice example of self love? Really, tattoos may be one of the best examples of self love out there! For what could be a nicer present than a brand new inky piece, huh? Maybe these heart tattoos hit a lil too close to home, or maybe...they're exactly what you need.

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