Heartbroken San Diego Chargers Fans Eye Cover Ups & Removal

Heartbroken San Diego Chargers Fans Eye Cover Ups & Removal

After more the 50 years in the city, the San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. But what about all the people with Chargers tattoos?

Being a diehard sports fan — the kind of fan that paints their face, plans their entire life around game day, and has multiple tattoos of their team — can stir up some pretty intense emotions. The wave of elation felt after a crucial touchdown can turn into soul-crushing depression in the 45 seconds it takes for a kicker to shank a game-trying extra point. Whether you root for a perennial champion with multiple Super Bowls under their belt or the Cleveland Browns there is one fear that unites us all — the prospect of your beloved team leaving town. 

Fans of the San Diego Chargers just had their souls ripped out as the team announced that they will be moving up the coast to Los Angeles. The move is the culmination of a multi-year saga involving billionaire owner Dean Spanos fighting to win public funding for a brand new stadium and failing. 

Clearly there are financial reasons for the team to leave, but what about the fans? And more specifically, what about the fans with San Diego Chargers tattoos that will constantly remind them about the time their favorite team walked out on them? The Chargers aren't coming back, but a few tattooists and laser removal businesses want to chip in to ease the pain of these fans. 

A fan who might be looking to get rid of his tattoo in the coming months. (Via IG - d_blackzican69) #nfl #sports #SanDiego #SanDiegoChargers #CoverUp

One tattoo artist, Garrett Newby, is eager to help out fans in need. He posted on to his Instagram that he will be doing Charger cover up tattoos at a discount. You can turn your lightning bolt into, uh, a palm tree? What else does San Diego have? The point is, Newby is more than happy to help you turn that Chargers tattoo into something you'll love.

Has the departure of Philip Rivers and crew hurt you so deeply that you can't even abide a cover up? Luckily there are a slew of tattoo removal spots — the Dermatology and Laser Center, Evolve Tattoo Removal, and Skinny Beach Tattoo Removal — offering to help get rid of the now offensive tattoos on the cheap. 

San Diego Chargers tattoo by Character. (Via IG - character86) #nfl #sports #SanDiego #SanDiegoChargers #CoverUp

Hopefully these tattooists and laser removal specialists can help provide a little bit of solace for the downtrodden Bolts fans. And a word of warning to the tried-and-true Chargers fans that want to stick by their team even as they switch cities — don't hurry out to get that Los Angeles Chargers tattoo any time soon. It's been less than a week and the team has already cycled through three logos. 

And one last quick note to tattooists and laser removal specialists in the Oakland area: the Raiders are about to be on the move, get those cover up deals ready! 

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