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Heartfelt Tattoo Proclaims 'May I Go to the Toilet'

Heartfelt Tattoo Proclaims 'May I Go to the Toilet'

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If we've told you once, we've told you 1,000 times — quadruple check the language and spelling before getting tattooed.

Thanks to the power of social media there is someone out in the world feeling very, very stupid about the gigantic Celtic cross tattoo they believed said "You will be forever in my heart." Mere minutes after this anonymous person proudly presented their tattoo to the world, Irish speakers started laughing hysterically and losing their minds wondering if it could actually be real. The phrase that the man had tattooed did not say what he thought it said. Instead it is the very first phrase of Gaelic that Irish school children are taught — May I go to the toilet.

his tattoo does not say what you might think it does. #tattoofails #checkyourspelling

Perhaps the script is actually a cheeky bit of satire mocking all the other bozos in the world who have gotten foreign language script without having any clue what it actually says, but that seems like a long shot. More likely this was a case of a tattooer and client being too lazy or ignorant to use a little thing called Google Translate, which is the absolute bare minimum that you should do before getting a tattoo like this. Is Google Translate always perfect? No. But will it pick up the word "toilet," a word that you sure as hell don't want tattooed into a meaningful Celtic cross tattoo? You're goddamn right it will. 

Let's hope that this man regrets nohing. Nohing at all.

There are so many tattoo fails out there where people just simply didn't double check before making things permanent, when in reality this is an unbelievably easy problem to solve. Just look it up. That's it. Look up the spelling or the meaning of a word before you put it on our body for the rest or your days. 

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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