Heartwarming Traditional Tattoos for Animal Lovers by Avalon Wescott

Heartwarming Traditional Tattoos for Animal Lovers by Avalon Wescott

These endearing animal tattoos will surely melt the hearts of animal-loving tattoo enthusiasts.

Avalon Westcott is a 25-year-old tattoo artist and model who designs traditional tattoos for her fellow animal lover and vegan clients. And boy, does she know how to make hearts melt on and off-cam.

The Melbourne-based tattooer is well-known for her vegan-friendly tattoos and traditional style. Avalon's works embody everything she believes in which is equal love for all animals. Her clients adore her for her beautiful tattoos that illustrate animals as creatures deserving our love and care. Many go to her for tattoos in the realm of pet remembrance, veganism, and animal causes.

1. A little reminder to take it slow.

2. A heartfelt message to animals.

3. The Rat Pack!

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4. Friends not food .

5. A tribute to the terrible practices of the egg industry.

6. Why did the rooster cross the road? To get to the tattoo shop, of course.

7. A beautiful, dark swan .

8. Keeping her memory alive

9. This precious piece 

10. ‘Lo Siento

11. All animals matter.

12. A young girl's best friend.

13. To your favorite, temperamental feline ever.

14. A lil' cow head.

15. A precious fruit bat.

16. One for a client's energetic dog whose paws smell like popcorn.

17. The echo of the chirps forever in her heart.

All tattoos are done by the lovely Avalon Westcott of The Grand Illusion in Melbourne, Australia.

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