Heavy Blackwork Tattoos to Ruin Your Life By 3Kreuze

Heavy Blackwork Tattoos to Ruin Your Life By 3Kreuze

Join the 3Kreuze blackwork tattoo cult with these huge, deep, brutal pieces.

3Kreuze does harsh and heavy blackwork tattoos that will leave you speechless. Brutal black, to be clear. 3Kreuze isn't going for aesthetics — he's going for fills, major coverage, and pain threshold. 3Kreuze is even part of a trio working on the Brutal Black Project, a tattooing project that takes the "no pain, no gain" mantra and completely, utterly flips it on its head. 

"When you have problems walking after the session," 3Kreuze told VICE. "You have done it right. Pain is perishable, and pride remains eternal!" 

Pain is perishable, indeed. This gallery predates the Brutal Black Project, but lays the groundwork for 3Kreuze's intense, dark, and yes, brutal work.

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