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Hell Bound With Fury: Demon Tattoos

Hell Bound With Fury: Demon Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Flirt with evil and explore your dark side with these spine tingling Demon Tattoos.

Come hell or high water, we will get you the best tattoos. For today we rounded up a bunch of demon tattoos that will either make your cringe, giggle, or run out and get more ink. We suppose it's just a matter of what you're into. There are many kinds of demon tattoos...some are the ever popular Hannya masks, some are lil Traditional devils that looks more funny than scary...but we also grabbed some demon tattoos that are sure to make you feel freaked out, thanks to Ooqza and El Uf, artists who continually create dark art that verges on the terrifying.

Although Hannya masks are often seen in the tattooing community, many people don't realize that these demon tattoos are just that: demons. They represent jealous female demons, or "yokai", the Japanese word for ghost, phantom or strange apparition. Yokai come in many forms, but they are a special class of supernatural monsters, terrible demons who take pleasure in harassing humankind, and even ghosts, who can be sad, funny, or just troublemakers in general. Some of these demon tattoos could definitely fit into the category of yokai, and if you're more interested in that subject we've definitely got some good stuff in store for you!

There is always this sort of looming question of why the heck someone would want to get something fearsome or weird like a demon tattoo put onto their body for their lifetime, but you know what? Even if there isn't a reason at all...we like to think that these demon tattoos are totally awesome, and another example of how the art form of tattooing covers all aesthetics, interests and design motifs. You can get anything you want, just try to make sure it's from an artist who certainly knows their the artists in this collection of demon tattoos! 

Written byTattoodo

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