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Here Are 18 Of Wan Tattooer's Most Irreverent Tattoos

Here Are 18 Of Wan Tattooer's Most Irreverent Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Because there's nothing we love more than an artist with a sense of humor.

When I think of Wan Tattooer, I genuinely laugh to myself. Almost every time, without fail, when one of his photos pops up on my Instagram feed- I get a chuckle. Wan Tattooer is unique not only because of his super-bold, crazy-vibrant, ultra-simplified take on traditional tattoos, but also because his content is absolutely hilarious. Whether it's Jesus wearing a Varsity jacket, Satan nailing a gnarly kickflip, or one of his cute little BFF scenes between Jesus and the Devil that he's become famous for- his politically incorrect but adorable little tattoos never fail to put a smile on my face.

Here are 18 of my favourite, most hilariously irreverent pieces by Wan Tattooer. 

Written bykatievidan

Southern girl living in NYC. Interests include fried chicken, heavy metal & sleeping. Tattoodo Social Media + Writer. @tattoodo

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