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Here, There Be Dragons...Dragon Tattoos That Is!

Here, There Be Dragons...Dragon Tattoos That Is!

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Dragon tattoos will always be in style. From Irezumi, to traditional, and even illustrative, they are highly versatile and always cool.

As they say in the story books: here, there be dragons...dragon tattoos!! Because a little magic into your everyday routine is nothin but smart. Dragon tattoos elude to the ancient history of human fascination with mythical beings, creatures of old, legends and folklore that are covered in the sands of time. Dragon tattoos are also, let's face it, an iconic theme in tattooing...and pretty much they always have been. There are many different ways to illustrate these powerful beasts, and it pretty much just depends on your personal aesthetics, and the tattoo artist you find to create your dream design.

So, since dragon tattoos have been such a mainstay of tattoo culture and history, it's kind of interesting to know where the heck dragons came from to begin with...we did a little research to figure it out, and the hypothesis' are pretty interesting. Legends of dragons emerged in Europe, China, and other spots across the globe around the same time...some historians think it may be due to ancient man stumbling upon dinosaur fossils and mistaking them for dragons...which, obviously, totally make sense. Via the Smithsonian, "Take a look at a fossilized stegosaurus, for example, and you might see why: The giant beasts averaged 30 feet in length, were typically 14 feet tall and were covered in armored plates and spikes for defense." Sounds like a dragon to us...

The Smithsonian also quoted David E. Jones, an anthropologist who wrote the book, "An Instinct for Dragons". His theory explains that humans evolved to easily imagine beasts like dragons because it "embedded an innate fear of predators in the human mind." He goes on to quote more fears that have created legends...just look at heaven and hell for instance! But regardless of where dragons came from, and why, you just can't argue with the brutal and beautiful beasts depicted in dragon tattoos.

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