Here's One for the Swarm: StarCraft Tattoos

Here's One for the Swarm: StarCraft Tattoos

Or for Adun, if you're into Protoss tattoos, and if you play Terran, go ahead, Commander.

Blizzard's StarCraft has been around since 1998, and over the course of time, the space-age military strategy game has touched the lives of countless players. Though, according to its developers, the characters from the original and recently concluded sequel of the franchise will not be reappearing in its future installments, many of these outstanding figures from the fictional world of the game have been memorialized on peoples' skin. Check out these nine kickass tattoos that will make you want to use a stimpack and say, "Ah! That's the stuff."

"This world is mine."
"We require more Vespene gas."

No StarCraft tattoo post would be complete without featuring body art from each of the three races. We're starting out with the Zerg, because after all, they are the fastest rushers of the game, unless you like going for a quick second base with a popup Hatchery, of course. Of all the great imagery from the Swarm, Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades is by far the most popular in tattoos, which is no surprise given how influential of a role she played throughout the game's epic narrative. Hydralisks also have notably burrowed up in body art quite frequently as well. 

"Your forces are under attack."
"Through darkest night, we await the coming of the dawn."

If a massive, tanky bio-ball is your thing, don't worry, there are lots of Protoss tattoos out there, too, especially of Zealots — the backbone of any Firstborn army. Zeratul, arguably the most iconic character from this race, also has found a second life through the art form. The Protoss aesthetic, by the way, is perfect for biomechanical tattoos as well. One of these awesome pieces would be great for staying at one with the Khala.  

"Think I'm gonna like you better ... dead."

Lastly, lock and load because here are some Terran tattoos to cook your goose. The portrait of Tychus is utterly jaw-dropping in how it perfectly captures Blizzard's already astounding art work of the swarthy character. Marines and other infantry units have also shot their way into the universe of tattoos. Also, check out this awesome portrait of Raynor, everybody's favorite hard-drinking hero, with the Hyperion plummeting through the heavens in the background. 

We hope you liked nerding out to this roster of Zerg, Protoss, and Terran tattoos. If your life is for Aiur, too, consider getting a StarCraft tattoo of your own from one of the great artists featured here; their Instagrams are in the captions if you want to scout them out. We'll post more about video game tattoos in the near future, but until then, send an observer to this other post and don't get rekt by some cheese.

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