Here's Some Trippy Illustrative Work To Get You Funky

Here's Some Trippy Illustrative Work To Get You Funky

Surreal and serene tattoos by Dave, aka Winston the Whale

"Keep Portland Weird," they say over in that not-too-far-off Pacific Northwest city, and tattooist Winston the Whale has risen to the challenge. Winston's work is psychedelic, finely-lined, and full of overlapping metaphors and motifs, and we are so in love. He got his start a little over a year and a half ago, via stick and poking his friends out of his apartment. A talented draftsmen and multi-faceted artist, Winston's calendar quickly filled up. 

“A month later I was booked out of my apartment doing stick ‘n’ poke tattoos!” he told The Huffington Post. “It was really crazy how fast it happened.”

Winston's work is unique, but draws heavily upon classic 1960's and 1970's illustration work. Take a glance at any of the original covers for Kurt Vonnegut's novels, or snag yourself a VHS of The Beatles' 1968 animated classic Yellow Submarine, and you'll see some of Winston's influences. 

The ability to take multiple, bizarre elements and fit them together like a weird little puzzle is a wonderful ability, and Winston's strength as an artist shows through. His tattoos really do seem like someone commissioned them for a trendy mural or small-run print project. 

Groove on over to Winston the Whale's Instagram for more supercool work. He works out of a private studio, and his calendar is all booked up, but a follow on his social media will keep you posted of his availability.

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