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Hippity Hop: Hang Loose with these Nifty Frog Tattoos

Hippity Hop: Hang Loose with these Nifty Frog Tattoos

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Everybody's going out and getting Frog Tattoos, and we can definitely see why. Frog's be the chillest.

They're kind of weird, right? With super long tongues, sticky skin and two eyelids frogs are sort of a freakish addition to the animal kingdom. But people love them regardless, because all of those things that make them weird, also make them super cool. These frog tattoos show exactly how much some people dig those hippity hopping little friends. Whether their chillin hard in a hammock, like Max Newtown's piece, or playing the banjo like Tony Talbert sweet piece, these tattoos are homages to natural life that we can totally support. Who doesn't love creatures?

And by the way, did you know that almost all cultures apply special meaning to froggy friends? Maybe these frog tattoos don't mean anything, they're just hella cool....but some Japanese people keep little frog figurines in their wallets. Why? "Kaeru" means frog in Japanese, but it also means "to return"....keeping a froggy friend in your wallet means that hopefully while you're money goes out, it may also come back to you in heaps. In ancient Egyptian culture, frogs symbolized life and fertility because after the annual flooding of the Nile, millions of these sticky buddies would be born.

Oddly enough, in medieval times, the frog became associated with witchcraft and love potions in folk religions and occultism...which totally makes sense now why witches brews usually contain a frogs leg or tongue. Frogs can also be attributed with the characteristics of being dumb, or lacking vision. In Vietnam there is a saying, "Sitting at the bottom of a well, the frog thinks the sky is as wide as a lid." Poor froggies! Would you get a frog tattoo? And if you did, what would it mean to you? Running around the forest as little kids, we collected tree frogs for at least for us, they're just another forest friend. 

Written byTattoodo

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