Home Alone Tattoos For The Abandoned Children In All Of Us

Home Alone Tattoos For The Abandoned Children In All Of Us

It is most definitely at present everyone’s favorite time of the year -- Christmas. This means family, presents, and Home Alone tattoos.

It’s Christmas time and you know what that means. There’s snow on the ground, Christmas songs are playing overhead in every store you walk into, and it’s time for an annual rewatch of the greatest Christmas movie to ever exist — Home Alone. In honor of this classic piece of American cinema and the season at hand, we’ve gotten you the best possible Christmas present you could get from Tattoodo — some awesome Home Alone tattoos.

Home Alone tells the story of Kevin McAllister who is left behind one Christmas when his family takes a trip to Paris and somehow forgets him. If this isn’t bad enough, Kevin is soon besieged by two burglars, Harry and Marv, whom have set their sights on the McAllister household.

Through a series of ingenious booby traps, Kevin is able to ward off the invaders in increasingly comedic fashion. In the end, he is saved by a creepy old man with a shovel, which we suppose is meant to teach us all a lesson about judging books based on their covers.

Upon its release, Home Alone was the top box office draw in America for a record 12 weeks. The country just couldn’t get enough of a plucky young child causing serious bodily injury to two hapless criminals. A sequel was immediately greenlit in which Kevin again gets stuck alone at Christmas, this time in New York City. He improbably runs into Harry and Marv who have recently escaped from prison and quickly concoct plans to take revenge on Kevin.

As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and the sequel’s climax involves yet another series of booby traps that fluster the two criminals at every turn and America ate it up yet again. Even future-president Donald Trump drops in for a fun cameo in this family-friendly comedic romp.

Grab a cup of eggnog and sit by the Christmas tree as you enjoy these Home Alone tattoos in tribute to one of the most lucrative films ever made. Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, which most definitely happens to be right now.

Don’t these Home Alone tattoos make you wish it was Christmas all year round? We sure do. Just remember, the spirit of Christmas and the innocent youth of Macaulay Culkin live on in all of our hearts.

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