Home is Where the Cat is: Purrfect Cat Tattoos

Home is Where the Cat is: Purrfect Cat Tattoos

These cat tattoos purrfectly capture the essence of one of our favorite animals.

This will be an ode to all the kitties. It's not that we don't love dogs, because believe us...we wouldn't be caught dead without our main puppy pal by our side, but we sure do love our cool cats. It's true: some cat's could not care less if you were there or not, as long as they're fed and the cat box is clean. However, there are some cute kitties that wait for you to come home, cuddle you when you're sick, and make you giggle with their ridiculous curiosity. These cat tattoos are dedicated to those swanky little fuzz balls; the ones that actually care about their human companions.

Pet portraits, cat tattoos, doggy portrayals...all these marvelous animal pieces will never go out of style, because true love is always trendy. There's nothing like an animal friend that totally gets who you are. And getting a tattoo to commemorate that love is hella sweet. Time may pass, but these cat tattoos will help make sure you never forget the creature confidant that made a difference in your life. All animals tattoos are cool, really, but it's even cooler when the animal has a deep connection with its owner.  

But lets be real: one can never own a cat. Thats part of their charm. Some of these cat tattoos actually capture that wild, anarchistic quality that these curious lil babies are naturally endowed with. Cats are awesome because if they do what you want them to, it's because they want to, not because you said so. They are the perfect embodiments of freedom, of being in the moment, of doing things whole heartedly, and devoting some real enjoyment when resting and relaxing. If reincarnation is real, we hope that we'll come back as a cat. Or a cat tattoo. That'd be cool too.

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