Honoring Sir Roger Moore with James Bond Tattoos

Honoring Sir Roger Moore with James Bond Tattoos

Moore, one of the six men to play Ian Fleming's James Bond, has passed away at the age of 89.

Sir Roger Moore, known for taking on the role of super-spy extraordinaire James Bond in seven films, has passed away at the age of 89. While most people will heap praise on Sean Connery for being the first Bond or Daniel Craig for giving the character a gritty realism, it is the films with Moore that are truly the most fun. These films are outlandish and over the top, but anchored by his charisma and charm they never go completely off the rails. Instead, they hit that weird cinematic sweet spot that was really only possible during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, and that’s why people adore Moore enough to get tattoos of him.

As James Bond, Moore played the role as a bit of a lothario. Wait, I know what you’re saying, all Bonds tend to have good luck with the ladies. But with Moore you got the sense that Bond cared very little about queen and country, he was there for the trim. It has been estimated that in his seven appearances as Bond that Moore landed 19 beautiful ladies. For all you stat geeks at home, that’s 2.7 women per film, a hall of fame level of production.

In films like Octopussy, Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me, and the most insane 007 film of all, Moonraker, Moore flew by the seat of his pants through international espionage, always to be rescued by a witty remark or a clever gadget.

Once he was finished with the Bond films, Moore acted sporadically, seemingly content to fade out of the limelight. Even in the roles that he landed, like a ridiculous turn as a Roger Moore impersonator in The Cannonball Run, viewers couldn’t picture him as anything other than the famed secret agent.

The people in this gallery have paid tribute to Roger Moore through their impressive James Bond Tattoos. We expect to see a few more in the coming days, feel free to share them with us on the Tattoodo app with #007.

Sir Roger Moore was a beloved actor and he will be missed. In his honor we recommend making yourself a martini — shaken, not stirred — and pouring a little bit out for the loss of a legend.  

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