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Hontōni Kakkoii: Interview with Tattoo Artist Yokai Hermit

Hontōni Kakkoii: Interview with Tattoo Artist Yokai Hermit

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In this interview with Yokai Hermit, he talks about his experience in the industry, a love for anime, and the project to publish his own manga.

If you don't know, now you know: Yokai Hermit is a cornerstone of contemporary Fineline Anime aesthetics that Otaku nerds, like myself, adore. Turning out seriously stellar pieces of beloved characters, poignant moments, and cult classic homage's, Yokai Hermit doesn't just design illustrations based on a niché world that has many layers of intricate personality and detail; he also knows his subject intimately and is devoted to evolving his artwork to the highest levels of Mangaka-dom. An epitome of what hard work and devotion can truly pull of, Yokai Hermit is a self-taught tattooer with talent for days.

In this interview, he talks about the meaning of success, evolving as an artist, and why the studio L'Encrerie is so unique.

How did you get into tattooing?

I fell in the tattoo scene by chance. At the beginning I knew nothing about this practice. It's a member of my family who advised me to be interested in it.

Yokai Hermit #YokaiHermit

When did you first get into anime and what about it do you really love? Why was it the style you decided to focus on for tattoos?

I discovered anime in ​​kindergarten class; I immediately loved it and I have been drawing anime since that time. Before the tattoo my dream was to become a mangaka, That's why I do this style. :)

What do you love about tattooing in Paris? What makes L'Encrerie such an awesome place?

Paris is a big city of tattooing, and a big city for an artist; if we work well we can quickly make a fanbase. About L'Encrerie: this shop is great because we are like a family and this shop is so avangardist and open-minded. We have a good environment to flourish as an artist.

How do you feel about the future of the tattoo industry? What things need to change, and what needs to stay the same?

I find that the industry is changing a lot and in the right direction so it's cool. I'm lucky to be surrounded by talented and open-minded artists. My only bad experience was when I was looking for an apprenticeship and I was never selected haha (* ^ ω ^)

Many artists have a philosophy or motivation behind their work...what would you say is yours? How do you define success?

I always try to offer work that goes beyond my limits. I think my philosophy would be to always try to surpass myself, especially my sense of detail. Defining success is very difficult for someone like me who is always looking for more, but I would say that being recognized in my field is already a lot.

What advice do you have for young artists trying to get into tattooing? What was the best advice you received when you first started?

As an artist, the most important advice I can give is to get to know yourself to produce authentic work. No matter what style you want to do, work enough to get your vision. As I learned as an autodidact, I did not have a master but I can give another piece of advice: Make lots of sketches to make the wrist more flexible.

Beyond tattooing, what are you passionate about? How do you spend your vacations? What's your favorite place on Earth?

Apart from tattooing, I am passionate about science, gaming, cinema, hi-tech news etc. In fact, I am someone who is very curious; all that surrounds us is useful for inspiration in drawing. When I was younger I was traveling with my parents but not recently. I would love to go to Japan!

Any future goals, plans, collabs, etc. that you’d like to share?

My main goal outside of tattooing is to release my own manga. I've worked on it since college and you will hear about it very soon! I'm also preparing an exhibition with a photographer friend but I won't say more. Everything will be revealed on my Instagram. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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