Horrible Person, Emerson Damasceno, Tattooed his Bull Terrier

Horrible Person, Emerson Damasceno, Tattooed his Bull Terrier

Do not tattoo pets. It's down right wrong.

Recently, a Brazilian tattooist named Emerson Damasceno did something incredibly stupid. Not only did he tattoo his bull terrier, the imbecile also had the nerve to post photos of his cruel handiwork on Facebook. Good job, shithead, you're a bad person. Tattooing animals is simply wrong.

The reason this is so fucked up is that dogs have no free will over being tattooed. They can't consent, and ethically speaking, no tattoo should ever be given without consent, period. What we see in the case of Damasceno and his pet is a voyeuristic individual who enjoys objectifying other creatures around him. He probably thought, "Hey, I would like looking at my dog more if he had tattoos, because I have tattoos, and therefore, they are cool." This sort of abusive and egocentric pet ownership has no place in society. It is a horrible way to treat a loyal dog, as if the pup was purely chattel — an object to be used — and not man's best friend.

His bull terrier was already beautiful and cool enough (they're an awesome breed) before Damasceno took the animal to a vet school, had it sedated, and then brought it home to tattoo it while unconscious. So, on top of the already heinous act of inking his dog, he also abused a charitable pet care service. On social media, he claimed that he did it because he thought tattoos helped prevent cancer. This is pure bullshit, by the way. Furthermore, his girlfriend even defended what he did, so it appears if they're both shitty people and belong together, like a pair of turds, even if the dog should be taken away from them.

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Here is a photo of the douchebag, Damasceno, who has a awful set of facial tattoos himself. At least he nuked his Facebook, so we don't have to see many more photos of this asshat. Maybe he should have considered tattooing that brass-knuckled anchor down the bridge of his own goddamn nose. It would have been better than those cliche musical notes. Hopefully, Brazilian authorities press charges on him.   

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