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Horror and Realism by Stepan Negur

Horror and Realism by Stepan Negur

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These hyperrealistic tattoos by Stepan Negur are here to swallow your soul.

I generally try to shy away from using the first person when writing here at Tattoodo, but I couldn't help myself on this particular post. Among the many nerdy things I love, scary stuff is close to the top of the list. 

Negur's tattoos of various creatures' skulls are some of his most compelling and scary work. His black and grey technique perfectly captures the unsettling aesthetic of skeletal remains.

This bioorganic work by Negur appears as if it is actually a part of this tattoo collector's body. The illusion itself is uncanny. #bioorganic #horror #hyperrealism #StepanNegur #bones #exposed #scary #Bioorganic

Negur's extremely detailed depictions of bones lends itself to his take on the bioorganic. In this case, it looks as if this extraterrestrial outcropping of exoskeleton has infused itself with the client's flesh.  

This one straight up scares the shit out of me, as good horror should. Great work Negur. #horror #hyperrealism #StepanNegur #vampire #blood #scary #realism #colorrealism #portrait
This one straight up scares the shit out of me, as good horror should. Great work Negur. #horror #hyperrealism #StepanNegur #vampire #blood #scary #realism #colorrealism #portrait

Although Negur excels at skulls, his tattoos that feature gore freak me out the most. The image above makes me more uncomfortable than any feeding scene in all the vampire movies that I've ever seen.

The realism of Negur's work reminds me that reality is the scariest thing of all. #horror #hyperrealism #lion #StepanNegur #growl #teeth #glow #eyes #realism #colorrealism

Sometimes the most horrific creatures are not those from the crypt or under the bed, but the ones that actually exist. This fierce illustration, with its glowing eyes, reminds me of Ray Bradbury's short story, "The Veldt," from The Illustrated Man, in which (spoiler alert) people are eaten by lions.  

Sometimes it's not the deadliest cat that's the most terrifying. The way Negur highlights his figures' eyes draws out the terror in them. #Himalayancat #horror #hyperrealism #StepanNegur #kitten #scary #kitty

I hope you liked this little horrorshow of body art. I'll make sure to write about more tattoos that go bump in the night soon. 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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