Horror Portraits by Nikko Hurtado

Horror Portraits by Nikko Hurtado

The stuff nightmares are made of rendered in exquisite color realism.

We recently featured some of Nikko Hurtado's portraits of characters from cult classics, but since it's so close to All Hallows' Eve and because he's such an amazing and prolific tattooist, we thought we'd share some of his tattoos that take after figures from horror films with huge fan followings. Check out some of these uncannily good portraits of monsters, slashers, and even a few members of the Addams family.

Some of Hurtado's best portraits are those of nightmarish serial killers from some of the most revered horror flicks of all time. Here we see tattoo tributes to films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and even Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Through his incredible attention of detail, these tattoos do justice to the characters from these films, capturing the terrifying essence of characters such as Freddy Krueger and Leatherface in shocking real proportions.

While his more horrifying portraits from cult classics are astounding, we almost favor his body art that takes after the campier side of the cinematic genre. We love all of his tattoos from The Evil Dead, especially how he's done renditions of the various states of decay of Evil Ash in Army of Darkness. Also, his homages to several members of The Addams Family are wonderful. Who wouldn't want portraiture of Angelica Houston or Christopher Lloyd a la these macabre roles memorialized on their body

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We hope you liked this little montage of horror movie portraits by Hurtado. If you want to see more of his astounding tattoos of characters from cult classics, hit up his Instagram to have more chills sent down your spine. Also, he tattoos at Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA, if you want to commission your own portrait of your favorite figure from a scary movie.

If you already have a portrait of a killer character from a cult classic, please share it with us by posting it with #Halloween in the caption, and maybe it will make it into one of our spooky and festive posts before the holiday.

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