Hotline Miami Tattoos Honor A Perfect Digital Bloodbath

Hotline Miami Tattoos Honor A Perfect Digital Bloodbath

We’re taking a look at some killer Hotline Miami tattoos, because, let’s face it, we love hurting other people

“Do you like hurting other people?” Never has a video game been summed up so well by a single line of dialogue as Hotline Miami. This top-down shooter is one of the goriest, most violent video games to ever exist. Needless to say, I love it. And I’m not the only one. There are those out there who have been so inspired by this saga of brutality that they’ve permanently adorned their body with Hotline Miami tattoos.

The game takes place in 1989 in (of all places) Miami. The player assumes the role of an unnamed antihero (referred to as Jacket by fans of the series) who dons different animal masks when carrying out the most unrelenting slaughters, compelled to do so by nothing more than a series of mysterious phone calls and visions.

Featuring a storyline that would make David Lynch scratch his head, Hotline Miami only gets more surreal as the game progresses, but you won’t spend too much time agonizing over what it all means as you’re surely having too much fun carrying out massacres with anything you can get your hands on. From automatic weapons to power drills, the game lets players get creative with how they dispatch their intended targets.

The game and its sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, nail the neon aesthetic of late ‘80s south Florida. Think Miami Vice mixed with the surrealist nightmare of Mulholland Drive and add whatever the most violent thing you can think of is and you’re not too far off. Throw in  a period-perfect mix of electronic music, and you have the recipe for a modern classic.

Hardcore gamers often get hardcore gaming tattoos, and these Hotline Miami tattoos we’ve assembled for you do nothing but reinforce this notion. So check out these radical pieces and then consider downloading Hotline Miami, because, let’s face it, we all like hurting other people.

Those tattoos are as cool as the game is brutal. You know you want in on the gore and killing. Go on, play some Hotline Miami. It’s very positive to exercise your bloodlust digitally.

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