How College Football Recruitment Changed Danny Clark's Life

How College Football Recruitment Changed Danny Clark's Life

Danny Clark was committed to Ohio State as a freshmen, and then that commitment was taken away.

High school football star Danny Clark appeared to be living his dream. As a freshman, Clark signed a commitment letter to his favorite college football program, THE Ohio State University.

Ohio State has long been a powerhouse in the college football world, and their enmity with Michigan is one of the most storied and hard-fought rivalries college football has ever seen.

So, after signing his commitment letter to Ohio State, Clark was on top of the world. How did he celebrate this momentous occasion? Clark went to his local tattoo parlor to be forever emblazoned with Ohio State's logo.

Clark signed a letter of intent to Ohio State as a freshman in high school. #DannyClark #OhioState #OhioStateBuckeyes #CollegeFootball #OhioStateTattoo

A giant, block "O" titivates his shoulder now, along with the date he officially committed to the Big Ten powerhouse. Clark sees himself as a Buckeye for life.

Even if the university doesn't feel the same way.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, the Archbishop Hoban standout announced that he is no longer committed to Ohio State. The announcement came as quite a shock to most people close to Clark, who has been committed to Ohio State since his freshman year of high school and brandishes his Buckeye tattoo without shame.

So what the hell happened? How could a kid who was once so committed to a college that he got it tattooed on his body rescind his commitment?

Apparently Ohio State's coaches had other plans in mind. This past June, OSU took a commitment from five-star quarterback Tate Martell, and it appears he will fit more into the Buckeyes plans than Clark.

Clark hasn't publicly cited this recruitment as a reason for his decommitment, even going as far as saying, "I don't care who they bring in. I don't care if they bring in Joe Namath, I don't care if they bring in Aaron Rodgers. I am going to come in and compete and win the job," in an interview with

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Danny Clark doesn't regret his Ohio State tattoo despite him decommitting to the program. #DannyClark #OhioState #OhioStateBuckeyes #CollegeFootball #OhioStateTattoo

If Clark didn't mind the competition, then why would he choose to open up the possibilities for recruitment?

Apparently, his style of play isn't conducive to the type of offensive system Ohio State has in place. Clark boasts an impressive resume in a pro-style system, while Ohio State focuses more on what is known as a "Spread Offense."

Since he believes his skill-set doesn't mesh well with Urban Meyer's offensive vision, he has chosen to take his skills elsewhere.

He doesn't regret the Ohio State tattoo though, as he has been an Ohio State fan his entire life, so he will bring his talent and his tattoo with him to wherever he ends up playing college football.

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