How One Shop is Helping Make the World a Less Hateful Place

How One Shop is Helping Make the World a Less Hateful Place

Southside Tattoo in Brooklyn Park, Maryland, is making a big difference in their community by covering up racists tattoos.

Even the worst of people can change their ways, but when individuals decide to get visible body art that's steeped in racism or other forms of prejudice, no matter how saintly they live their lives afterwards, their fellow citizens will likely forever write them off as the bigots they once were. Thankfully, some incredibly extremely forgiving organizations out there are doing what they can to help. One such business is Southside Tattoo in Brooklyn Park, Maryland, where the owners decided to pitch in on making this world a better place in the best way they know how, by making quality tattoos to efface offensive ones.

"Sometimes people make bad choices, and sometimes people change. We believe that there is enough hate in this world and we want to make a difference," Elizabeth Cutlip, one of the shop's owners, said on the shop's Facebook page. "Please call the shop and set up a consultation with any of our artists." Since first posting this offer on Facebook around the middle of last month, Southside Tattoo has received an overwhelming amount of requests for free cover-ups via social media.

David Cutlip did his first one of these pro-bono pieces of body art just a few weeks ago, tattooing three Tibetan skulls over an old gang tattoo. Since then he's done numerous other coverups, including several over white power symbols, but the list of folks wanting to mask their shameful bodily markings grows longer everyday, so it seems like the shop truly has its charitable work cut out for it.

If it were not the good deeds of places like Southside Tattoo, then most people with racist and other forms of inflammatory body art simply would have to live out the remainder of their lives with a reminder of their formerly hateful ways. Many of the individuals with symbols like swatstikas and other gang signs on their skin received them while in prison. Beyond being felons, these insignias of insensitivity limit their career options significantly. Because coverups and tattoo removal are expensive, most of these people simply cannot afford to get rid of their ugly reminders of their troubled pasts.

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Southside Tattoo set up a Go Fund Me page in order to help them subsidize the costs of supplies to meet the surprising demand for cover-ups since they began offering the free service.  So if you feel like helping people live down their bad decisions, please show your support by donating to their cause. 

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