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How to get a custom tattoo design online

How to get a custom tattoo design online

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You might have an idea for a tattoo but are not creative or artistic enough to draw it yourself or even visualize it.

You might have an idea for a tattoo but are not creative or artistic enough to draw it yourself or even visualize it.

Here at Tattoodo we can help you bring your idea to life. We have more than 3,000 tattoo designers from all over the world, that are ready to draw designs for you. You just have to briefly describe your idea and maybe add a picture or two. Then our artists will take it from there.

(Cover design done by Edward Miller) Watch Ami James talks about getting a Custom Tattoo Design online

Once your design brief has been submitted our designers will then compete to win money in what we call a design contest. A standard contest runs for 14 days and during that period the artists will try to impress you with their artwork.  To get the best result it's important to stay active rating the designs and providing feedback for the designers.

At the end of the contest you pick your favorite design. You can then take the design to any tattoo shop to get it done. Or if you wish to test drive it first, we can send you a try-it-on sticker that let you try on your new design for a week.

You can expect to receive 10+ unique tattoo designs. If you don’t get anything you will get all your money back. Want to know more? Check out our Money-Back Guarantee.

The price for a custom-made tattoo design start from $99 and go up to $299. The price depends on how complex the design is and the talent you wish to attract our most talented artists and get top quality. Read more about our Pricing.

Recent winning designs

Once you are ready to get inked, you just take your design to your local tattoo artist. He or she might also have inputs or ideas on how to make it work better or just to give it their own touch. At the end of the day the tattoo artist that is going to make your tattoo is still the most important person in the process. So at this stage you can make your final changes. Ami James about taking your new design to a tattoo shop

So what are you waiting for? Start now, and soon you will be getting stunning tattoo designs from all over the world. Submit your idea here.

Made my bizarre tattoo dream a reality without having to lift a finger. I had long dreamed of creating a somewhat bizarre family crest for the men in my family to have tattooed. After writing a brief description and answering a few follow-up questions, I had my dream design. Love-Dart was amazing to work with. Want the dog to be a wolf instead? No problem. Add shading? Sure thing. Easy as pie. Great experience. - Zach Sandman Want to read more testimonials? Click here :)

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