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Huge and Bold Before and After Images by Joel Soos

Huge and Bold Before and After Images by Joel Soos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Joel Soos has his clients pose with their original art before they lay down and get it all done, and the results are fucking magical.

This is fucking cool. Not everyone is fond of showing off pieces of their process — it can be nerve wracking. People can be judgmental. We want our art to shine at all stages. But check it: tattoo artist Joel Soos is letting us peek behind the artistic veil to see what these huge stencils look like before they're on his clients' bodies. Besides the fact that the photos are cute as heck, the translation to final product is clean and clear and cool to see. 

Check out that flash wall! We love us some sweet flash walls. Soos has so many pieces of art up there, they start to overlap to create their own huge art piece.

It's also rad to see how the art flips around (reverses, basically, since in the portrait shots we're seeing the stencil sheet), and how it works on skin. His lines are super bold, so seeing the one-to-one scale is hella cool.

Plus, these are all out SCENES. We're fond of saying that a tattooist's client's skin is canvas, but legit, he's treating his clients like LITERAL CANVAS.

Follow Joel Soos over at his badass Instagram. 

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