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Hyperrealist Surrealism: Interview with Tattoo Artist Ganga

Hyperrealist Surrealism: Interview with Tattoo Artist Ganga

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In this interview with tattoo artist Ganga, he talks about his newest project, and how Miami Ink played a part in his life.

At first it simply looks like a depiction of Dali with his trademark mustache and gleaming eyes exhibiting that twinkle of ecstatic abandon. But once you realize that this image is actually on a large swath of synthetic skin, the incredible uniqueness of this piece sets in...but that's often something one will feel when looking at Ganga's portfolio. 

Your newest project is absolutely mind-blowing. Can you talk about the idea and process behind your portrait of Dali? How long did it take?

Thanks!! Well, as you may know, I come from Spain and Dali has always been an inspiration for me and I’ve been thinking through these last months what to do to keep a piece of my art for eternity because tattoos will always disappear with the person who has them once he dies so I decided to do this piece and show the love I have for Dali through it. It took three months of work.

Why did you choose to portray Dali? 

What does success mean to you? What’s the best advice you can give?

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