Hypnotic Geometric Dotwork Tattoos by Caco Menegaz

Hypnotic Geometric Dotwork Tattoos by Caco Menegaz

Colorful dotwork and gorgeous geometric tattoos that are sure to inspire you.

Caco Menegaz's geometric dotwork tattoos are a sight to behold. Utilizing a limited color palette and swirling patterns, Menegaz takes over his clients' bodies with these gorgeous designs. Ornate and detailed, Menegaz's tattoos look to tell detailed, unique stories.

"The art of tattooing began in the world we know to represent phases of life and/or deeds that occur in it," he writes on his website. "Our body, the only good that we carry until the end of the earthly life, serves as an instrument to receive the marks of the lived cycles, and through tattoo, to tell stories lived in this plane. I seek in my work to do a special and deep art that marks the lives of people, and that reflects on your skin your soul."

Menegaz's spiritual take on his tattooing is directly reflected in his work. His mandalas, spirals, ornate linework, and bright dotwork all come together to transform his clients physically and spiritually.

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