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I Am Womxn: Badass Tattoos for Female Empowerment

I Am Womxn: Badass Tattoos for Female Empowerment

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These badass tattoos are all about inclusive and diverse female empowerment! We're showing our support for all y'all strong ladies.

If you haven't heard about the Alabama abortion laws going into effect in the US, you either live outside of the country, or under a rock. Social media was on fire, as was every news outlet...and even still, although the law was signed in last Wednesday and won't go into effect until November, people are doing everything they can to fight against this onslaught on womxn's rights. As the ACLU and Planned Parenthood prepare to head to court in a lawsuit against the anti-abortion law of Alabama, we show support in the best way we know how: with badass tattoos. This particular selection of pieces is for all the womxn, and beyond, who are working hard to make sure that everyone is autonomous and free.

Everyone has been talking about the Alabama travesty, which is great...since this is basically how change (hopefully) happens. Bad Girl Riri posted a collage of all the white cis men who were involved in the making of the law...many of whom aren't exactly sure how the reproductive system works...and many a clever tag line has been seen drawn onto protest signs, t-shirts, and, yes, even badass tattoos proclaiming to end the patriarchy: "Men shouldn't be making laws about women's bodies", "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.", and of course, what should be the end all be all of quips, "My body, my choice." All of these quotes are meant to not only prove a point, but to empower those who don't feel represented or heard....aka womxn.

So, what is this "womxn", you may wonder...are we just spelling it incorrectly? No, my friend, we are not. For many feminists, this reworked word removes the idea that women are just an extension of man. Wo-man. It instead reaches out to all of those who may identify with being female, but may not fit into the white cis ideas of what being a women means. In an article that focuses on the usage of the term, Seattle based organizers of the f.k.a. Women's March explained, "'Our organizing group is superdiverse, and one of the core organizers, who is a nonbinary person, proposed that we use the word ‘womxn’ to make sure that everyone felt included,' said Elizabeth Hunter-Keller, the communications chair for what soon became known as the Womxn’s March Seattle. Ebony Miranda, the organizer who proposed using “womxn,” said her understanding of the word was: 'women and those affected by misogyny, or women-related issues.'" Hopefully that makes it a bit more clear...intersectional feminism is important! Inclusivity is deeply important for the success of caring communities!

We know that language is powerful. It partly shapes the world we live in. And what we say holds a lot of power, but so does art! And if you think these female empowerment tattoos, or tattoos in general, aren't a political statement, think again! Not only are these tattoos images of something meaningful, but in a recent interview Charline Bataille put it very well, "Social norms are so intrusive that our relationship to our bodies is always tainted by expectations, laws and often violence. Patriarchal capitalist white supremacy is everywhere, in and out of our bodies, and so tattooing is political." Many of those within the tattoo community may agree: this global society of misfits was, indeed, built upon subversive's probably part of the reason why so many tattooists and tattoo collectors are passionate about socio and eco-politics. And art is a perfect way to illustrate those ideals!

There are tons of ways to help support for all of people helping to support womnx's rights: you can, of course, always get a cool tattoo that shows where you stand for all to see....but you can also help by donating funds to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and other organizations local to you that make sure womxn's rights are protected. Do your part...because every tiny little bit counts.

Written byTattoodo

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