I Love Lucy Forever: Dazzling Lucille Ball Tattoos

I Love Lucy Forever: Dazzling Lucille Ball Tattoos

America's housewife Lucille Ball, will always stay as beautifully charming as she is in these lovely tattoos on fans who really loved Lucy.

Lucille Ball was most known for playing the redhead comedic housewife in her eponymous tv shows, I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and more. Some may also recognize her as the first woman to run a major television studio. To top it all off, Lucille was also a fierce persona on and off-cam for having a ‘screw it’ attitude to ageism and weak feminine roles. Many look up to her for her the way she tends to not back down as she navigated the tough world of showbiz, bearing the torch for girl power in the business.

Recently, a rather deformed statue (nicknamed “Scary Lucy”)  erected in her likeness was replaced by a more polished version in her hometown of Celoron, N.Y. But that's not the only Lucille Ball tribute kicking some serious ass, these tattoos are too!

Celebrity photoshop “tattoo artist” Cheyenne Randall aka indiangiver gives the ever lovely Lucille Ball an edgy makeover to match her feisty attitude in one of his Shopped portraits. See more of them here .

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