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I Love You Berry Much: Sweet Cherry Tattoos

I Love You Berry Much: Sweet Cherry Tattoos

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Cherry tattoos that are sweet and tart as can be! This is a mainstay of tattoo designs and we couldn't be more stoked.

So, what is the deal with cherry tattoos? Not only are they super cute, and very sweet...they're easily adapted to so many designs and can be tiny watercolor pieces or badass old school ink. Cherry tattoos are just pretty marvelous. But on top of that, it seems this fab fruit has inspired like...fifty different songs. Tons of books. For some reason they've even spawned some strange fruity fetishes...who knows what it is about these shiny little red babies, but they've got a whole lotta charisma and charm, that's for sure!

Cherry tattoos are the best...and so are the songs that the snack has spawned...take Warrant's famous "Cherry Pie" rock ballad, or "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways...Frank Zappa's "No, No Cherry" or "Cherry Lips" by Garbage...there's even Goldrapp, Nancy Sinatra, even freakin Neil Diamond has a song called "Cherry Cherry Christmas"...which is ridiculous but exists all the same. Our favorite red lipped babe Lana Del Rey also has a song called's like, who doesn't have a song about cherries? We could almost ask the same question about cherry tattoos...but we realize that the stats are probably about the same.

Food and fruit tattoos are some of our favorite but really, cherry tattoos take the cake. CHERRY CAKE. Lol, get it? Actually just as cherry tattoos are some of our favorite things, so our cherry puns. Or just fruit jokes in general. Take these for instance: Why did the orange stop? It ran out of juice. HA. How about this one: What happens to grapes when you step on them? They wine. lololol. Wino's rejoice. It's like a two for one: fruit joke meets alcoholic beverage. Perhaps we've found a new favorite thing? And just in case you didn't get enough kick out of these sweet cherry tattoos here is one more joke: Why was the tomato blushing? Because it saw the salad dressing!

Written byTattoodo

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